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COVID-19 Resources and Support

Here at Riverside School Board  – Complementary Services, we are driven by a single goal; to provide extra assistance to parents and students who need it most.  This is a difficult time for students and their families and we wish to offer resources and supports to our community.  We are still here and we want to help.

To request support services from a complementary services professional, please complete the form.

If you need support from someone on our team please write to us at:

As you may already know, you can visit the “Complementary Services Corner” tab on the Educational Services site at the following link: The CST will update resources weekly. We are, however, working on a complementary service site that we will link to the Educational Services page offering a greater range of information and services.

In an effort to support the families of our students with special needs we will adapt our professional services to support students virtually or by phone. As of the week of April 6, 2020, the Complementary Services department will provide the following services:

Speech and Language Pathology
Psychoeducational services;
Guidance counseling

Please note that services will be limited to specific activities to ensure accessibility to priority cases.
We are working diligently to coordinate our resources and efforts to best support you in these very unusual circumstances.

What about Me?

Guide to parenting stress and self-care presented by Catherine Korah and Martine Demers


This information session is geared towards parents of grade 9 – 10 – 11 students.
RiversideSchool Board Guidance Counsellors cover topics such as registering for adult education, vocational training, CEGEP options, as well and provide information about entering the workforce.
Helpful community resources are also shared.

To view the PowerPoint Presentation, click here.

Support for Parent Resource Kit

Behaviours in school:

If your child is planning to return to school this spring, please take the time to review the expected changes. To support you in this process, the complementary services team has developed helpful information to guide you through this discussion with your child.

To promote safety and well-being for all students and staff, and to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, safety measures are of utmost importance. We are prioritizing the implementation of adaptations and visuals to support the integration of all children as they return to this new school reality.

We will make every effort to support the children in understanding and applying the behaviours required of everyone. However, if your child remains unable to follow the rules, thereby putting themselves and others at risk, other options will be explored for the remainder of the school year.  Our priority must remain the health and safety of all staff and students.

Important safety measures are also in place for transportation by bus or berline. Students are required to follow these at all times.  Again, our wish is to join forces with you in allowing all children to understand the necessity for these rules.  However, please note that transportation privileges may be removed should the behaviour of a student jeopardize the safety and well-being of others during these challenging circumstances.

Let us work together to keep our children safe.

Preparing for my Child’s return to School

Invisible String Activity

Physical Distancing Games

Social Distancing in the Classroom

Parenting Under Stress

Waves of Emotion When Living in Times of Stress

Leading our children back to school

Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities (MCLD)

Leading our Kids Back to School Webinar

Information click here

Returning to School with Social Distancing

Daily 6

It is important for children to continue to engage in activities that allow them to enhance the various spheres of their development. Recommendations from the Center of Excellence for Inclusive Schools, provincial support to the Anglophone educational community, remain that children should continue to engage in reading and writing activities daily in order to promote literacy skills.

For such reasons, we encourage your child(ren) to take part in the Daily 6 approach at home! This would involve completing 1 activity per day from different categories. The key is that they get to choose what activity they would like to do from each category.

Each activity should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes.
The objective is to keep kids engaged and to promote growth!
Simply click on the various images to access different resources and tools.

Play 5 at Home

Play is an important part of a child’s development. Through play, children develop a variety of skills that are foundational to further learning. With this said the Play 5 structure, developed by the Provincial Support to the Anglophone Educational Community, is currently being used in many classrooms. This structure teaches children about different types of play, all the while developing their social/emotional and language skills. We are positive that your young child(ren) will love to do many of these activities at home! 
Each activity could last 20 to 30 minutes. Play & have fun!!!

Better Speech and Hearing Month

Please find below calendars of daily activities that families can do at home to help support students’ communication skills. Each calendar targets a different set of skills (depending on the students’ needs).

Language Activity Calendar

Senior Social Communication Calendar

Phonological Awareness Calendar

Articulation Activity Calendar

Pragmatic Language Activity Calendar

Fluency Activity Calendar

Complementary Services Mandate

Complementary Services has the following mandate:

  • Services to schools, in the following areas:
    1. Special education consultation
    2. Psychology
    3. Speech and language support
    4. Behavior support
    5. Drug education
    6. Special education technician and attendant support
    7. Coordination of resources from outside the Board, e.g. services from the CLSCs, hospitals, Centre jeunesse (Youth Protection), etc.
    8. Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)
  • Programs that support the personal development of student

Are you new to Riverside School Board?  Out of province?  Out of Canada?

Registration for students with special needs

Required documents and information needed:

  • Special needs diagnosis
  • Accommodations given in the previous school
  • Accommodations in daycare
  • Report Cards
  • IEP’s (Individual Education Plan)
  • Letter of eligibility

Please contact the Director of Complimentary Services in order to organize a meeting to better address the particular needs of your child and to provide the best school for his/her needs.

To learn more about Eligibility for English Instruction.

To learn more about Eligibility for English Instruction under Special Authorization/Learning Disability.

To link to the Parent Advisory Committee for Students with Special Needs page of this website, please click here. 

To link to Champlain College Adam’s Pace website, please click here.

Contact Us

Chantale Scroggins
Director of Complementary Services
Tel.: 450-672-4010 Ext.5446

Chantal Charlebois
Executive Secretary
Tel.: 450-672-4010 Ext.6464
Email: chantal.charlebois@rsb.qc.c