“Welcome to our “virtual” Roaring Twenties Graduation Ceremony!
The Roaring Twenties was a time of hope, prosperity, and cultural change. The optimism of the early 1920s was largely due to the end of World War 1 in 1918, with the United States being on the winning side of the war. With the economy and the stock market booming, people were spending money on entertainment and consumer goods. Advances in the industry allowed the average person to buy goods such as automobiles for the first time. Women were newly empowered by gaining the right to vote in 1919. Everything seemed like it was going great, and people thought that the good times would never end. Here we are, 100 years later, living through another tragedy- not a world war but a global pandemic. And with restrictions slowly easing, it seems like 2021 is also a time of hope, prosperity, and change. So, what better way to celebrate the grade six students’ significant accomplishment than with a significant era in history: The Roaring Twenties.”

Thank you, Karina Maiorano, grade 6 teacher, and Rachelle Watson, grade 5/6 teacher, at Cedar Street Elementary School, for putting together this fabulous performance for the graduating class!