William Latter


1300 Barré Street
Chambly, Qc  J3L 2V4
Telephone: 450 550-2527
Fax: 450 658-9815


Principal: Natalie Gruenefeld

Secretary: Rachel Diezel

Office Agent: Evelyn Villareal

General Information

School hours : 9:10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Current enrollment : 360 students



Educational Project

William Latter School Educational Project 2014-2019

William Latter School is located in historic Chambly.  Our students are within walking distance of Fort Chambly and are from the communities of Chambly and Carignan.  Our population is mostly francophone (varies between 60 and 70%) with eligibility for English education.

In May 2013, William Latter celebrated its 50 years of teaching and serving the English communities within this zone.  We offer two programs to our clientele; an English program and a French Immersion program.  We are a growing community.  At present, we have 326 students, 54% in the Immersion program, and 46% in our English program.  Our music program generates yearly music concerts for all William Latter students, with over 800 guests in attendance.  We have had a strong Kindergarten registrations for the last 5 years, plus we expect our growth to continue for the next few years ahead.  There is a tremendous building boom in Chambly and Carignan and we hope to attract more students to our school.

our Vision

At William Latter School, we offer a caring bilingual learning environment that promotes respect, excellence and love of learning while supporting students in reaching their full potential.  We believe that the arts are a great means to learning, such as music and visual arts.  We place great value and emphasis on the idea of community spirit: a community of diverse individuals working together with common goals and values, while respecting each other’s individuality.

Our Values

Our main focus is to support students within a safe environment and promote healthy living.  We wish to develop bilingualism within the school community and emphasize the 4R’s:

  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Ready to work
  4. Role model

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement at William Latter is:

William latter School provides an environment where every child has the opportunity and takes the responsibility to climb the ladder to success through bilingualism, community, team work and music-art performance.

William Latter takes great pride in every aspect of each child’s education.

OUR goals

To instruct
  1. Engage students towards achieving high academic success
  2. Develop world citizens
  3. Provide a strong foundation in literacy, in both English and French
  4. Promote creative arts and sports in action
To socialize
  1. Empower students to become effective, empathetic and respectful communicators in both languages
  2. Develop positive role models
  3. Embrace and respect diversity
  4. Foster community involvement
To qualify
  1. Discover passions for learning as a foundation for their future
  2. Develop a sense of autonomy and positive self-esteem
  3. Equip students with tools and strategies esteem to confidently take on challenges

Our History of accomplishments

Throughout its history, William Latter has made a positive impact in the development of the children that have passed through its hall!  We have reached 50 years of history in 2013, and below is a list of our proud achievements:

  • A truly dedicated teaching staff that continually strive for high standards, innovative ways to reach students and continued professional development to stay on top of their craft.
  • A wonderful library with a dedicated staff of volunteers.
  • An excellent Physical Education program and active involvement in the SSIAA sports tournaments.
  • Historic links to outdoor education and pursuits.
  • We take great pride in the service and dedication to our students with special needs.
  • Strong ties to community service: 32 years of participation in the Terry Fox Run, Chosen Soldier and remembrance day community projects, our own Breakfast Program, Food Baskets projects, etc.
  • A commitment to technologies in the classroom (Ipads, laptops, Smartboard, etc.).
  • An amazing garden project that is the pride of the community.
  • An excellent daycare.
  • Strong connection to Culture in Schools projects.
  • Annual events promoting learning: Reading Week, Science Fair, Career Fair, etc.
  • A large gymnasium and playground area.
  • Collaborative work with Kino-Québec for more active recesses and outdoor play.
  • A great music program… with concerts for parents in December and May, and a Glee club.


William Latter School Expansion

Riverside School Board is pleased to announce major expansion of the William Latter School in Chambly. This expansion will enable the school to enhance its...