Richelieu Valley CLC

Richelieu Valley Community Learning Center’s (RVCLC) goal is to collaborate with citizens, community partners and 5 Riverside School Board elementary schools in the Richelieu Valley.

The RVCLC is committed to participating in projects dealing with student success, community engagement-development, lifelong learning & mental and physical well-being.

Communications and Special Activities

Three Canadian Authors Visit Five Riverside Elementary Schools to Present Literacy Workshops

250 students and staff Zumba Dance together Video

RVCLC November 2015 Regional Networking Event
To highlight projects and influence the creation of new ones & facilitate networking and communications

BOK Program with Mount Bruno and Cedar Street Schools

Author Gail de Vos visits Mount Bruno and Mountaiview Schools

RVCLC Video made by Cedar Street Students in their Vox Pop Career Project

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Project Development Officer
RVCLC – Richelieu Valley Community Learning Center
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