Seaway Community Learning Center

St. Lambert Elementary School became one of 23 schools across Québec to adopt a Community Learning Center project in 2006. Being community focused is not new to St. Lambert – one of the things our parents, students and teachers consistently agree on is that St. Lambert has tremendous school spirit and we are seen as a warm and caring community by ourselves and by our geographic community.

CLC St. Lambert became St. Lambert Regional CLC and since 2017, Seaway CLC. 

The CLC concept aims to build on this strength and to broaden the programs and services available to our school and our community so that the Seaway CLC  is a full-service school for our families of St. Lambert Elementary, St. Mary’s, REACH, St. Lambert International High School and ACCESS.

Recognizing that our families want to give children the best possible start in life, with exposure to a wide variety of activities including arts, culture and athletics, we will strive to continue to build a strong extra-curricular program, something parents have told us in past surveys that they value. We also envision supporting our families by making services you need more readily available to you. 

Annie Beauregard

Project Development Officer
Seaway CLC
450 550-8002  

St-Lambert CLC Brochure 




The Seaway Community Learning Centre is in full swing with a wide variety of activities, workshops and programs aimed at  supporting students, their families, and community members.  With extra-curricula’s ranging from athletics, science and the arts, we are continually supporting the well-being of our students.  Our pre-kindergarten programs and Lifelong Learning Groups prove that you are never too young or old to become engaged in the community and connect with like-minded individuals.  And lets not forget our evening activities and workshops for parents and community members alike, whether it be yoga, support groups or family badminton. What else have we got up our sleeve?  Stay tuned for special workshops such as Babysitting, Self-Defense, First Aid and more!

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