Courtland Park International


1075 Wolfe Street
St-Bruno, QC  J3V 3K6
Telephone: 450 550-2514
Fax: 450 653-1681


Principal : François Couture
Secretary : Melanie Gill

General Information

School hours : 7:58 a.m. to 2:33 p.m.
Current enrollment : 257 students


Education Project

To encourage life-long learning and to develop a sense of international respect in order to become sensible and pro-active citizens of the world.

Courtland Park International School offers a bilingual program in a stimulating and safe environment. We offer a rigorous bilingual program and put emphasis on reading, writing, diction and mathematics. Students must actively question and interpret meaning and understanding of subjects. Auto-evaluation, the student’s portfolio and teacher evaluation play a part in the learning process of the child. Within the confines of the IB program, we aim to develop compassion, understanding and cross cultural respect in our students.


Cuddly Bunnies for Ukraine

The daycare students of Greenfield Park International Primary School as well as those of Courtland Park International School have been emotionally moved by current events...  

Open House Canceled

Unfortunately, the Open House Event has been canceled due to the school closures until January 14, 2022.  

Holiday Collaboration Project

Fuller Landau & Chez Doris Students from Courtland Park International Daycare (grade 2 to grade 6) made polar fleece blankets to donate to the less...  

Amazing Project at CPIS!

An amazing project at Courtland Park International School! Read the full story in Les Versants de St. Bruno.  

Keeping the Spirit@Courtland Park International

Thank you to Lyne, Isabel, and Karli (from left to right) for setting up our Winter Display at the front entrance of our school. Our...  

Outdoor Learning at CPIS

At Courtland Park International School, Grade 4 students are learning about arrays. An array is a great multiplication strategy because it helps them visualize a...  

Great Collaboration

On May 17, a few staff members of Courtland Park International School with their loved ones, volunteered to pick up bottles and cans at the...  

Let it BEE

Erin Jackson from Alvéole came to install a beehive on the roof of Courtland Park International School. Our community will be able to appreciate the...  

Kindness for Australia

Inspired by their unit of inquiry on Non-Profit Organizations, CPI’s grade 4 students initiated an act of kindness last week. Dans le but de porter...