Term 2 – New Deadline to Produce Second Term Report Card

RSB extended the end of term for Secondary and Elementary.

The new dates are as follows:

  • Secondary – end of term February 9.
  • Elementary – end of term March 1

The new deadline to produce report cards will be March 30, 2024.

The schools will determine the date for the delivery of report cards. Parents will be informed of the amendment to the change of date (if applicable).

Important Dates to Remember

February 5, 2024: Registration period starts.

February 16, 2024: Pedagogical day for elementary and high school students (except GPI).

February 20, 2024: Council of Commissioners Meeting.

February 26, 2024: Conditional pedagogical day for elementary and high school students (except GPI).


Every attempt is made to provide information to radio stations as early as possible so that parents can make alternate arrangements for childcare in the case of a school closure. We also post a message on the Riverside Facebook page and on the website.

Please note that we only post a message when we need to close our schools.

For more information, please visit our website page.

Registration Period

For any students currently registered in a Riverside school (2023-2024), including grade 6 students moving to high school for 2024-2025, parents will be prompted to follow a registration or re-registration process through Mozaïk Portail Parents, also as of February 5. It should be noted that the re-registration period for students currently enrolled in a Riverside school ends on February 12th. More info here.