Steps to Follow

  1. Make an online application in True North(Instruction to create an account as a parent in True North)
  2. When the application is approved, the student will receive an Acknowledgment Email, a Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLOA) and the Statement of Account.
  3. Pay the amount specified in the CLOA according to instructions stated in the Statement of Account.
  4. Letter of Acceptance will be issued.
  5. Apply for CAQ by the student or by us (the approval will take 1 month from the date you submit all the documents to MIFI, the issuing authority of CAQ)
  6. When the CAQ is approved the student should apply for the study permit (it may take 3 months or more) * it is compulsory for students staying for 6 months or more
  7. Inform us when the study permit is approved *IMPORTANT* to ensure a school place.
  8. The student arrives in Québec in mid-August, so that we have enough time to apply for the eligibility for the student to study in our English school.
  9. Pay tuition fee before the 1st day of school.
  10. Student can start school when the eligibility is approved.