Riverside School Board recognizes its role as an educational organization, with the power and responsibility to impact citizenship through education. We recognize diversity as a fact. We must value and honour all faces, voices, realities, and experiences, and ensure that ours is an organization where children, youth and adults are acknowledged, respected, welcomed and empowered. We commit to the ongoing work required to keep equity and inclusion at the forefront of our reflection and decision-making, in dedication to social emotional well-being, educational excellence and success for all.


One of Québec’s English school boards, Riverside is committed to providing an engaging, inclusive, adaptive and bilingual environment that empowers learners to achieve their full potential.


At Riverside School Board, we are passionate about our commitment to graduate and qualify students who are critical thinkers, proficient in English and French, equipped both academically and socially to fulfill their highest potential and prepared to be contributing, engaged citizens.


For diversity, individual differences and the environment.

In fostering engagement, collaboration, lifelong learning.

With pride to a safe, caring, stimulating and inclusive community.