Mandate (as per the Québec Education Act):

192. The functions of the parents’ committee are

(1)   to promote parents participation in the activities of the school board and, for such purpose, to designate parents’ who shall take part in the various committees established by the school board;

(2)   to give advice on any matter conducive to the most efficient operation possible of a school board;

(3)   to inform the school board of the needs of parents as identified by the school representatives and by the representative of the advisory committee on services for handicapped students and students with social maladjustments or learning disabilities;

(4)   to give its opinion to the school board on any matter the latter is required to submit to it.

(5)   meetings are held monthly at Riverside School Board. Meetings commence at 7:00 pm.


 Meetings are held monthly, and the location will be either at the Riverside School Board, or held virtually. Meetings commence at 7:00 p.m.

Meetings for 2023-2024:

Predetermined Meetings Format
November 6, 2023Virtual
December 4, 2023In-person (school board)
January 8, 2024Location TBC
February 5, 2024Location TBC
March 11, 2024Location TBC
April 8, 2024Location TBC
May 6, 2024 Location TBC
June 3, 2024 In-person (school board)

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Chair – Victoria Chavez

Vice Chair – Samuel Schmidt