Public Consultations in Progress

Planning Document 2021-2022

You may send your comments regarding public consultations in progress to the undersigned either by email at  or by regular mail to the address mentioned below:

John McLaren
Secretary General
Riverside School Board
7525 Chemin de Chambly
St. Hubert (QC) J3N 0N7

Previous Public Consultations

Planning Document 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 school calendar for Adult Education and Vocational Training
The 2020-2021 school calendar for Greenfield Park Primary International School

Evaluation of Student Learning – with Markup
Evaluation of Student Learning – no markup

Policy on Transportation- with markup
Policy on Transportation – no markup

Policy on Allocation of Resources – with markup
Policy on Allocation of Resources – no markup

Field Trip Policy

Daycare Services Policy

School Calendar (Youth Sector) 2020-2021

Partail School Calendar (Youth Sector) 2021-2022

Deeds of Establishment 2020-2021 

List of Schools 2020-2021

Three-Year Plan 2020-2023

Programs and School Zones 2020-2021

Policy on the Enrolment Criteria for Registration

Policy on the Security of Information 

Deeds of Establishment 2019-2020 (3rd consultation)

List of Schools 2019-2020 (2nd consultation)

Three-Year Plan 2019-2022 (3rd consultation)

Deeds of Establishment 2019-2020 (2nd consultation)

Programs & School Zones 2019-2020 (2nd consultation)

Three-Year Plan 2019-2022 (2nd consultation)

2019-2020 School Calendar for Adult Education and Vocational Training

2019-2020 School Calendar for Greenfield Park Primary International School

Policy on Healthy Living

School Calendar 2019-2020 – Youth Sector

School Calendar 2020-2021 – Youth Sector (partial)

Planing Document 2019-2020:

Commitment-to-Success Plan

Policy on the Allocation of Resources

Policy on Rental of Facilities

2018-2019 GPI Calendar

2018-2019 VT Calendar

2018-2019 AGE Calendar

Communications Policy (with markups)

Communications Policy

Three Year Plan 2018-2021

Deeds of Establishment

List of Schools

2019-2020 Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar

By-Law 14 – Examination of Complaints Procedure

Policy on Language Development and Delivery Model

Long Term Planning Document (Proposed changes to “zoning” & Policy on Enrolment Criteria for Registration)

Maps Info Valley Schools (William Latter, Mountainview, etc.)

Maps Info West End Schools (St. Lawrence, John Adam Memorial)