You are interested in conducting research
at Riverside School Board (RSB)

1) What types of research initiatives can be submitted to RSB?

RSB will receive proposals for research to be conducted by a doctoral student, an academic researcher, or by a recognized institution. No other research initiatives will be considered.

2) What do I need to submit to have my proposal considered?

You will need to submit a summary (English and French) of the research you wish to conduct, the approval of the ethics committee from a recognized institution, bilingual (English/French) copies of any questionnaires or forms that will be distributed to students, teachers or parents, and any other relevant information to be considered by the research committee, including the benefits of the research to the Riverside community.

3) When do I submit my research proposal?

You would need to submit all the required documents and information prior to a next meeting of the RSB Research Committee. For the 2023-2024 school year, meetings dates are as follows:
-November 9, 2023
-February 1, 2024
-May 30, 2024

4) How do I submit my research proposal?

All the required documents and information must be submitted to

5) How will I receive an answer regarding my submission?

An email will be sent to you following the meeting of the RSB Research Committee, informing you of the decision made regarding your proposal.

6) What are my next steps if my proposal is approved by the RSB Research Committee?

An approval by the RSB Research Committee allows you now to approach individual schools (principals) or departments (directors) to submit your proposal. You will then need to obtain their consent in order to undertake your research. Any research involving students will also require the approval of the school’s Governing Board.

7) How can I ask any further questions?

All questions can be sent to