In accordance with the ministry mandate on the removal of electronic devices from the classroom, St. Johns School will implement the following rules and regulations as of January 9, 2024:

  • During all class time, from bell to bell, the use of electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) is not permitted.
  • Students must ensure that their device is turned off during class time.
  • All devices must be left in the student’s locker or in the classroom’s electronic device box/pouch.
  • Any student caught using their device during class time, regardless of the location (classroom, hallway, bathrooms, etc.), will have that device confiscated and sent to the office.
  • Any device that is sent to the office can only be picked up by the student at the end of the school day.
  • The use of devices will be permitted for planned pedagogy and used with the authorization of the teacher.
  • Any student who is caught using their device inappropriately will have it removed.  In this instance, the parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • Students who do not adhere to the electronic device policy repeatedly can lose the privilege of using their device during school hours.