Power Engineering ( Stationary Engine Mechanics)

Do you understand the building heating & cooling systems and the know-how to repair auxiliary equipment in heating, refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning systems?

Or perhaps you are presently working in the field, but you don’t have your diploma?

Recognition of acquired competencies is based on three principles:

>Individuals have a right to the social recognition of their knowledge or competencies insofar as they are able to provide evidence that they possess them.
>Individuals should not have to redo in a formal educational setting any learning they may have already acquired in other contexts or other ways. What is important in the recognition of learning is what a person has learned, not where, when, or how it was learned.
>Individuals should not have to gain further recognition for acquired competencies that have been carefully evaluated and sanctioned within an official system.

At the end of the process, you will receive an official document (report card, diploma, etc.) to certify that the competencies have been acquired as if you had taken the training in one of our institutions.

If some competencies must be acquired either partially or completely, various adult-focused options will be proposed to you.

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