My Story

Trust, Integrity, Respect. Those who serve their community must hold these values. Only a strong foundation, cast of these, can meet the demands of service. This strength, born of these foundational values, is transmitted through the pillars that uphold peace-of-mind and stability in the educational community for the families, educators, and staff whom we serve. From atop these three pillars, kindness, humility, and wisdom, those who serve will have the perspective and vision to bring growth and continuous improvement to, this, the most consequential of our institutions.

I began serving on the Governing Board at St Mary’s School, in Longueuil, and the RSB Parent’s committee in 2009. Most recently as chair of the Parents’ Committee. My wife, who has been serving this community even longer than I, inspired me to serve. We have four children. Two have graduated and two remain at the RSB. We believe that, by serving our community, we can inspire them to serve as well. Giving them a broader sense of fulfillment while enriching the lives of others.