The Educational Services Department offers direct and indirect support to school teams and communities, administrators, teachers, and other staff members, students and parents in a variety of areas, from registration to certification. Some of the key dossiers for which the department is responsible include the following:

  • curriculum
  • teaching and learning
  • the pedagogical integration of technology and library services
  • school daycare services
  • the certification of studies
  • registration
  • student placement
  • eligibility to English school
  • summer school
  • homeschooling

Contact Us

Jessica Saada
Director of Educational Services and Schools
Tel.: 450 672-4010 Ext. 5246

Lisa Pritchard
Administration Officer
Tel.: 450 672-4010 ext. 6922

Karen Rye
Assistant Director of Educational Services
Tel.: 450 672-4010 Ext. 5346