The Governing Board is a committee of parents, staff and community members. Their role is to support and direct the school’s orientation in our Educational Project. This body makes major decisions affecting the school. Elections for the Governing Board take place during the General Assembly held in September. All parents are invited to participate. More detailed information concerning the formation, functions and powers of the Board are given prior to the election period. The members elected meet at specific dates throughout the school year. The law requires a minimum of five meetings per year.

GSS Governing Board 2020-2021 Members:

Krista Cawley -GB Chair
Valerie Forde – Principal
Terry Horvat -Support Staff GB Secretary
Steven Brathwaite -Parent
Natalie DonFrancesco -Parent
Conal Fitzgibbon -Parent
Ahsan Haque -Parent
Patricia Lacroix -Parent
Nathalie Boisclair -Teacher
Debra Taylor -Teacher
Muniirah Laulloo -Teacher
Sarah Di Milo -Teacher
Ingrid D’Andrade -Daycare
Lindsay Morgan -Community Member

GSs Governing Board minutes: