Health, Assistance, and Nursing

Acquire the certified training required to become a Licensed Practical Nurse with the help of our dedicated teaching nurses.

Care Assistance in a Private Seniors’ Residence (STC)

Discover how you can make a lasting impact on the lives of seniors while looking after their well-being and safety.

Institutional and Home Care Assistance (PAB)

PABs are essential to our health care system. Earn your diploma in Institutional and Home Care Assistance in a state-of-the-art health system setting with dedicated teaching nurses.

Pharmacy Technical Assistance

Earn your diploma in Pharmacy Technical Assistance. Our teachers provide training in a modern pharmacy ward setting with the latest medical equipment.

RAC Process

Do you already work as a Pharmacy Technician or as a Home Care Attendant but don’t have your diploma?

The recognition of acquired competencies is a process that allows adults to obtain official recognition of their competencies against standards set out in the program of study. At the end of this process, the competencies recognized are recorded in an officially recognized document.