We hope you had a wonderful summer! Our school and centre staff are ready to welcome back students for an exciting school year ahead! We look forward to sharing our passion for learning by exploring opportunities to learn and grow, create, discover, and play. We can’t wait to welcome students for another school year!

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome new parents, guardians and students to the Riverside community.

We wish everyone a successful new school year!

Availability of Transport Information 2023-2024 on Mozaik Parents

Transportation information for the 2023-2024 school year (yellow busses & berlines) is now available on mozaik portal. We therefore invite you to check the information related to your child.

Please note that GPI (SSCMV will advise) and REACH (berlines drivers will confirm by email) information is not available.

If you need help login in Mozaïk: Quick reference Guide.

New Communication Tool with the School Transportation Service

Transportation Services have a new online plateform!

In order to facilitate communication, including transport requests, and to ensure a rapid follow-up of your questions, Soluqual*, a Web platform, will be available. Thanks to Soluqual*, you will be able to:

  • Ask any questions regarding transportation (rules, bus stops, zoning, etc.).
  • Request an available seat on the school bus.
  • Request a second address for transportation (ex.: babysitter’s address, grandparents’ address, etc.).

*You will need to create a personal account to access the communication portal (Soluqual).

You will also be able to follow the processing of your request in real time and receive email notifications at each step of the process by our team.

Please also note that the transportation phone line will be reserved for emergencies only (450-672-4010 ext. 5080). Thank you!

New Accessibility Interface

Have you noticed a new icon on our website?

We are happy to have a new accessibility interface designed to address accessibility requirements relating to UI, design, and readability, enabling users to modify our site’s design to meet individual needs.

Users can choose an accessibility user profile like “Vision Impaired Profile” and simultaneously activate all relevant adjustments. Alternatively, or in addition to the profiles, users can enable singular adjustments like increasing font sizes, change color contrasts, stop animations, and more.

Emergency Closures

Every attempt is made to provide information to radio stations as early as possible so that parents can make alternate arrangements for childcare in the case of a school closure. Schools that have emergency telephone chains in place, will also activate them as soon as possible in case of emergency.

Please note that we only post on our website and Facebook page when our schools and centres need to close, before 6 am.

More information is available on our website, including Partial School Closures for Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu and Sorel area.

Council of Commissioners’ Meetings

Since March 2021, the Council of Commissioners’ and Executive Committee meetings are recorded. You can view the video recordings of these meetings by clicking on the “video” link next to the date.

Parents can also participate in the Council question period, please visit our website for the links.

Next regular meeting will be held on September 19th at 7:30 pm.
For all meeting dates, click here.

Important Dates for September 2023

First day of school: August 31st. (Please note that GPI starts on August 30th)

Schools, centres and daycare services will be closed on Labour Day: September 4th.

Council of Commissioners’ meetingSeptember 19th.

High School Open House

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