Temporary stay in Québec

A temporary authorization to receive instruction in English given to a child is valid for the same period as the immigration document issued to the parent or child or for the duration of the temporary stay.  It expires on June 30 of the school year in which the parent or child’s temporary stay ends.  It may be renewed provided that the applicant still meets the same criteria as their initial application.  This authorization cannot be granted to children of foreign nationals claiming refugee status or for those choosing to settle in Québec on a permanent basis.

Children who qualify for a temporary authorization to receive instruction in English in Québec generally fall into the following categories:

  • A child who holds a CAQ from Immigration Québec or a Work/Student Visa from Immigration Canada;
  • A child whose parents holds a CAQ from Immigration Québec or a Work/Student Visa from Immigration Canada;
  • Dependent child of a parent who is either a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident domiciled in a Canadian province or territory outside Québec but are in Québec temporarily to work or study;
  • Dependent child of a parent who is not a Canadian citizen and who is posted in Québec temporarily as a representative or an Officer of another country or an International Organization;
  • Dependent child of a parent or parent’s spouse/common-law partner who is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces assigned to Québec temporarily.
Please note: Once someone receives a CSQ (Certificat de Sélection du Québec), they lose their right to apply for a renewal under temporary status.

International Students

Children who come to Québec without their parents and who wish to register in an English school still require a certificate of eligibility.  They require a CAQ (Certificate of acceptance from Québec) from Immigration Québec, and a study permit from Immigration Canada.  International students that are not part of an exchange program must be charged tuition fees.  Please contact the Riverside School Board for more information or you can visit the following Websites:

  • Québec (Immigration et Communautés culturelles Québec)
  • Canada (Government of Canada – Immigration and citizenship)