Talking about suicide saves lives is the theme of the 32nd Suicide Prevention Week, which is held from January 30 to February 5, 2022.

The 32nd edition of Suicide Prevention Week focuses on a critical component of prevention: speaking up. To reduce suicide rates, it is important to open up both a one‑on‑one and a collective dialogue on the topic. Since suicide already receives extensive media coverage and features prominently in fiction and on social networks, the AQPS believes that it is important to answer the questions that many Quebecers have and offer guidance on how to talk about it.

One of these questions is: How do you talk about suicide online? In fact, for this last part of the Talking About Suicide Saves Lives campaign, the AQPS offers a digital angle to encourage people to develop suicide prevention reflexes in their online activities.

Whether it is to express distress or find comfort or ask a loved one who is not doing well if there is any way you can help them and if they are thinking about suicide, or whether it is to raise awareness in the community, there are words you can use to talk about suicide in a preventive and safe way. There are also ways to learn how to listen. Thus, speaking up not only has many benefits but also makes for a stronger safety net.

How to talk about suicideClick here to visit AQPS.