We Have a Strong Team

Riverside School Board is proud to have started the year with a strong team of teachers. Our schools and centres have teachers in every class. We hold our staff and esteemed teachers, in high regard, considering them integral members of our team. Our distinctive bond fosters an environment where our educators and staff not only recognize but also deeply feel the unique sense of unity and belonging, ultimately leading them to choose to remain dedicated members of the Riverside community. And although the education network is very fragile across the province, we are proud to offer students a high-quality education, extensive concentration programs, extracurricular activities, outdoor sports, trips and more.

We have 7 new teachers from France joining our team of teachers this year. We are happy to welcome them to the Riverside family.

Of course, we are always looking for new talent! Attendants, lunch monitors, supervisors, technicians, etc. Please visit the Job Opportunity page to find the available positions or contact the school of your choice.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers in our schools. It would be impossible to offer as many activities to the students without the help of parents or grandparents’ volunteers. From the libraries to the breakfast programs, or the schools’ PPO. We have a strong community because of you. Thank you!


We wanted to provide a quick update on the recent changes to our bus routes and address some ongoing concerns.

Firstly, the bus drivers have now familiarized themselves with the routes, which should lead to fewer delays in the future. We appreciate your patience during the adjustment period.

We’ve also made a strategic decision to restructure some bus routes and added a new transportation company. This change is aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of transportation for our students. We believe this adjustment will contribute to smoother rides to and from school.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that transporters across the province are currently facing a shortage of bus drivers. We understand the impact this may have on the transportation schedule, and we want to assure you that we are actively working to find new and effective solutions to address this shortage with the transporters.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we navigate these challenges. Our commitment to providing a safe and reliable transportation system for your children remains unwavering. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and any further developments.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Commitment-to-Success Plan

We will be launching officially our Commitment-to-Success Plan shortly! Stay tuned!

The Commitment-to-Success Plan allows the Riverside community to share a common vision of student success. It outlines the school board’s goals and objectives for ensuring students’ educational success in the youth and adult sectors. The Commitment-to-Success Plan provides an overview of the Riverside School Board’s aims for the educational success of all its students and the efforts required to make this a reality.

Public School Week

Open Books!

From October 2 to 8, Riverside School Board, along with all those working in Quebec’s public schools, students and their parents, and all those who hold the school dear, will be highlighting their attachment to this institution, promoting it and, above all, emphasizing its crucial importance to Quebec society.

Schools are places where, among other things, reading comes alive! That’s why the theme of this 14th edition is “Open books”.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Monday, October 9: Schools and Centres are closed for Thanksgiving.
  • Thursday, October 12: Pedagogical day for elementary and high school students (except GPI students).
  • Friday, October 13: Pedagogical day for elementary and high school students.
  • Tuesday, October 17: Council of Commissioners Meeting.

Complaints Officer – Regional Student Ombudsman

We’re delighted to welcome Gary Tennant as our dedicated Complaints Officer at Riverside. Alongside the National Students Ombudsman, Québec is introducing a new Complaint Process to ensure your concerns are addressed with utmost care. Visit our website for more details.

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