We at Riverside, play a strong role in our educational organization to teach our students and staff the power of responsibility that impacts everyone. Our statement for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strongly demonstrates this.  Our schools, centres and board staff are committed to the ongoing work that is required for the emotional well-being of our students for their educational excellence contributing to the success for all. 

Each school and centre is required to have an Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence Action Plan (ABAV) that addresses bullying.  Prevention measures are put in place to put an end to all forms of bullying and violence in our schools and centres.   We also have a very clear procedure for the reporting of such act.  The complete procedure is posted on Riverside’s website.

Furthermore, within our Policy to Maintain a Safe, Respectful and Drug-free Environment in our Schools, it is expected that all our students, staff, parents and any other individuals associated with Riverside, will conduct themselves in a manner that respects the dignity, rights and freedoms of all persons as outlined in the Canadian and Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedom, regulations of the Ministry of Education (MEQ) and as mentioned above, our policies and practices.

Riverside School Board is a place of peace and respect, conducive to the exchange and expression of ideas. Each and every one of us, as a collectivity, has a responsibility to promote equity and inclusion when these fundamental values are shaken. The strength of our community lies in discussions and communication, to maintain a strong sense of belonging for all.

The safety for all students and staff members is a priority.