REACH Celebrates!

June 22nd, we had a lovely visit from Mrs. Nicole Ménard, MNA for Laporte, at REACH school. We celebrated, during a casual get-together, the good news of the investment project. REACH will see an addition of 17 classrooms at Saint-Lambert international high school.
Members of the REACH Together committee and of the school’s Governing Board, Commissioner, RSB & School administrators, including the chairman, Dan Lamoureux, director-general, Sylvain Racette, Principal of the REACH school, Marie- Helen Goyetche, and Principal of Saint-Lambert international high school, Jean-René St-Cyr, were also present to highlight the good news.
We would also like to sincerely thank Ms. Ménard for her unwavering support for this ambitious project.

Saint-Hubert, June 17, 2021 – Riverside School Board is pleased to announce major expansion projects for Harold Napper School in Brossard and REACH School in Saint-Lambert.

Dan Lamoureux, President, and Sylvain Racette, Director General of Riverside School Board, were present this morning in Boucherville for the announcement of the investment project for the modernization of Montérégie schools by the Minister of  Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge,  and the Minister of Justice, Minister responsible for the French Language, Secularism and Parliamentary Reform, Minister responsible for the Montérégie region and Member of the National Assembly for Borduas, Mr. Simon Jolin-Barrette,  as well as Ms. Natalie Roy, member of the National Assembly for Montarville.

We would like to highlight the ambitious project announced for REACH school.   For several years now, the Council of Commissioners, as well as the Parents’ Committee of Riverside School Board, the Governing Board, the parents and staff of REACH School, the head office staff, and Member of the National Assembly for Laporte, Ms. Nicole Ménard, have been working closely with Minister Roberge’s entourage to complete this project, which, by his own admission, is a project that was particularly close to his heart. Thus, Saint-Lambert International High School, which currently hosts REACH classes, will see an addition of 17 classrooms and specialized spaces to relocate the clientele of the supraregional schooling service of REACH school and the EHDAA clientele.

With a population of nearly 500 students, Harold Napper Elementary School in Brossard will be able to see an addition of 8 classrooms. The new layout will allow students to have access to classes better adapted to their needs, to be able to enjoy varied and stimulating specialized rooms for their learning and be able to welcome 4-year-old kindergarten students.

We welcome the government’s significant investments in the development of new premises for the well-being of our students. The expansion plans for these two schools will provide our student population with better room capacity, and common spaces as well as specialized services for our most vulnerable students. We thank the Government of Québec for its vision and considerable support.