You may take five days paid at 100% by Riverside School Board. These five days may be taken as early as the beginning of the delivery and at the latest 15 days following the return home of spouse or child and need not be continuous. Please use absence code 49 for these 5 days.

A copy of the legal-sized medical document received at the hospital indicating the actual date of birth of the baby will be requested.

The number of Paternity Leave weeks that you are entitled to take depends on which Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) your spouse has chosen. Should your spouse have chosen the 40-week QPIP plan then you are entitled to 3 consecutive weeks, if your spouse chose the 50-week QPIP Plan then you are entitled to 5 consecutive weeks. They must be taken no later than 52 weeks after the child’s birth and cannot be split (must be continuous). Should the QPIP Plan be the 50-week basic plan, then you will receive 70% of your salary from QPIP and 30% from Riverside; if it’s the 40-week Special QPIP Plan, then QPIP will pay you 75% of your salary and Riverside will pay you 25%.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to register with QPIP on the Sunday at the start of the paternity leave.

Kindly e-mail, cc your School Administrator, to give the date that you wish to take the Paternity Leave and indicate which QPIP Plan your spouse chose between the 40-week one and the 50-week one. We will confirm the date of the Paternity Leave and ask you to submit a copy of the QPIP Benefit Chart that indicates the amount that they will be paying you

When we receive your Paternity Leave request, we will confirm the dates of the paternity leave and ask you to submit a copy of the QPIP Benefits statement indicating the amount QPIP is paying you. The Record of Employment will be sent to Services Canada where QPIP will retrieve the information necessary to process your application.

Please also consult the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan for detailed information regarding your maternity/parental/paternity leave