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Annual Report

Mid-Year Report

Results of tests on lead concentration in drinking water

We wish to inform you that all the drinking water points of St. Lambert Elementary school have been tested. The results obtained show that some drinking water outlets have a lead concentration higher than the new Health Canada standard, a standard now adopted by the Government of Quebec.

In order to ensure the safety of students and school staff, we immediately condemned water points (in red) that exceed the acceptable rate and took the necessary measures to resolve the situation quickly, in accordance with the procedure sent to us by the MEES. We are currently correcting those situations. You will be notified when the situation is permanently resolved.

In the case of water points that exceed the acceptable rate at initial flow only (in yellow), the temporary procedure that is already in place is maintained until such time of application of the corrective measures. You will be notified when the situation is permanently resolved.

Plumbing fixtures identified by NTU (not to be used) are generally tempered water points, cold and hot water mixed at the faucet, and are not considered points for consumption.

We remind you that this operation was carried out in order to ensure that the water is safe for your child.

To obtain more information on the tests in progress in all the schools, you can consult the following web page: