To inform us of a change of address, please send the following information to

  1. Your child’s name
  2. The exact moving date
  3. The type of address (mother & father, mother only, or father only)
  4. All your phone numbers (home, work, cell)
  5. If you will require transportation in the morning, after school, both, or none
  6. Two proofs of residence* (electronic bill, screen shot, or picture; it must include your name, the company name, and your address in the same image).

*Accepted proofs of residence:

  • bank account statements or credit card statements
  • deed of purchase of residential property
  • driver’s license
  • governmental document
  • home or car insurance policy
  • income tax notice of assessment
  • invoice from an energy company (heating, electricity)
  • invoice from internet, television, or telephone service providers
  • municipal or school tax notice
  • a lease is not accepted