St. Jude School

St. Jude thanks Royal Charles for the challenge. One Team one Dream at St. Jude!!!! Let’s see what you have at REACH.

Royal Charles School

Royal Charles has spirit, yes we do!  We have spirit, how ’bout you… St-Jude?  

St. Lawrence School

St. Lawrence accepted the challenge and now challenges back St. Lambert Elementary!

ACCESS Cleghorn

ACCESS Gleghorn accepted the challenge!

They are now challenging St. Lawrence to show their colours!

Administrative Centre

The fantastic team at the Administrative Centre proudly accepted the School Colours and Spirit of Belonging challenge by ACCESS Royal Oak! Our team is nothing short of exceptional and fiercely loyal. We’re dedicated to serving our schools, centres, and community with passion and enthusiasm. At our core, we’re committed to fostering an organization where everyone—children, youth, and adults alike—is acknowledged, respected, welcomed, and empowered. And now, we extend the challenge to…Mountainview School! Let’s spread the spirit of belonging far and wide!

RSB Team! (

ACCESS Royal Oak

It is with much enthusiasm our ACCESS Royal Oak students & staff share our school colours in celebrating our school spirit and sense of belonging. Yesterday evening we were fortunate to have over 100 people of our community join us in our Spaghetti Supper fundraiser.

We would like to thank our partners that helped make this event so successful:

Catering le mijoté chef à domicile for donating the spaghetti and their time

-Musician and song writer Sarah Vanderzon for providing live performances throughout the night

-Courtland Park International for lending us their stage platform

-Heritage Regional High school for lending us trays for the evening

-Our student volunteers who made excellent hosts for the evening

-Our teaching and support staff that planned and coordinated the event

And last, but certainly not least, our participants who attended making our families, friends and community as one.

We would now like to challenge ACCESS Cleghorn, and in the spirit of the 25th anniversary, RSB headquarters,  to show us their colours and school spirit!!

Harold Napper School

Thank you for the challenge, Terry Fox!  Here is Harold Napper presenting you with an abundance of HN school spirit!!

Harold Napper now challenges Good Shepherd School!

Terry Fox School

Terry Fox School Heros! Proud of that wonderful team!

Tery Fox School now challenges Harold Napper School!

Mount Bruno School

Good day from Mount Bruno !

Students and staff got together to show their school colours!

From one mountain to another, we are challenging Mountainview School to continue the Colour / Spirit Challenge !

Heritage Regional High School

A glimpse of the Heritage Regional High School staff who accepted the challenge, smiling in a sea of green, black and grey!

Harold Sheppard School

Harold Sheppard School (HSS) accepted École John Adam Memorial School’s invitation to participate in the School Colours and Spirit of belonging Challenge! Both the students and staff were more than happy to show-off their HSS yellow! In fact, some would say they were buzzing with excitement.

Now, from the smallest school to the biggest, HSS challenges HRHS – Heritage Regional High School to keep this going!

John Adam Memorial School

École John Adam Memorial School (JAM) is showing us a peek at its multiple additions to their school yard…even with the slushy weather, they still enjoy the outdoors!

JAM now challenges the school on the opposite side of the board territory: Harold Sheppard School!

Courtland Park International School

“Good morning from Courtland Park International School where staff and students gathered to make a Human Apple Tree representing our school logo and show the spirit of our nurturing tree.

We are challenging Mount Bruno School to continue the colour/spirit challenge…”

ACCESS Brossard

“It is with enthusiasm that our ACCESS Brossard front office personnel welcomed students to the start of the Winter 2024 semester wearing their ACCESS Blue! In the spirit of celebrating our Schools, Centres and Board Offices sense of belonging, ACCESS Brossard, would like to nominate two RSB Elementary schools, John Adam Memorial and Courtland Park International, to share a picture/video that displays their school colours and captures the spirit of belonging in your schools, let the games begin!!”