Many Information Sessions are Available on Health & Safety at Work

  • Injury Prevention
  • Prevention of Injury to Fingers and Hands
  • Lockout procedure
  • Lockout program
  • Safe Use of Forklifts
  • Fall prevention and harness use
  • Prevention of thermal stress
  • Safe use of Scaffolding on metal frames
  • Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders
  • Safe Use of Slings and Overhead Cranes
  • Accident investigation and analysis
  • Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Ergonomics and back pain
  • Ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders, and back pain
  • Procedure for working in a confined space
  • Confined Space Work Program
  • Safe Handling and Storage of Compressed Gases
  • Safe Handling and Storage of Compressed Gases and Oxycutting
  • Safe Use of Mobile Cranes
  • Fire prevention
  • Preventive inspection
  • Introduction to occupational health and safety
  • Law C-21 and its implications (Criminal liability of organizations)
  • OHS law and regulations
  • Psychological well-being at work
  • Safe Use of Hydraulic Tools
  • Safe Use of Pallet Racks
  • Safe Use of Elevating Platforms
  • Hearing prevention
  • Respiratory protection (Use of respiratory protective equipment)
  • Respiratory protection (Workers)
  • Respiratory protection (Managers)
  • Electrical risk prevention procedure
  • Electrical Risk Prevention Program
  • Role and functions of the OSH committee
  • Machine safety: risk analysis
  • Machine safety: risk reduction
  • Machine safety: risk reduction (Operators)
  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
  • Safe Use of Electric Pallet Trucks
  • Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Lime work (Regulations and permits)

Training is offered in English, French, or Arabic.


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Project Development Officer
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