Evaluation of Learning 2022-2023

This information document provides key details regarding the report cards and ministerial examinations
for the 2022-2023 school year in preschool, elementary and secondary education.

Access to Office 365

If you plan on traveling outside of Canada, whether for a day, a weekend or for an extended period of time, and you wish to maintain access to your Riverside Office 365 account during your absence, you will need to complete a travel form prior to your departure, informing us that such access is required on specific dates. 

Please note that the form must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance. We do not have personnel working on weekends to provide access. Thank you

Steps for limiting the spread of respiratory infectious diseases

Viruses and respiratory infectious diseases are spreading widely. You can take certain steps to prevent transmission.

*A mask is recommended for students that have a cough or sore throat, and students with fever must stay at home until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours. Thank you.

Strike Notice for Autobus Chambly

Our school board could be affected by a strike from one of the transporters that we are working with. We have many bus routes that could be impacted, therefore could affect many students from our schools, in the morning and the afternoon (please see the list below).

The possible strike period would happen between November 29 to December 5, 2022. However, Autobus Chambly is still in negotiation and if there is an agreement before November 29, there will not be a strike. It is important to understand that we may not have the confirmation of a strike before November 28 until late in the evening. Therefore, it will be important to be vigilant and check in the morning of November 29 on our website or Facebook page to make sure your child will have transportation that morning. (No other alternative will be offered.) More information to come.

Autobus Chambly Bus Routes

PeriodBus NumberSchool
AM322 – 328St. Mary’s
AM349 – 365 HRHS
AM731Courtland Park International and Mount Bruno
AM806 – 807 – 808Terry Fox
AM810 – 811Royal Charles
AM820Good Shepherd
AM920 – 923St. Jude
PM266 – 268St. Lambert Elementary
PM328St. Mary’s
PM731Courtland Park International et Mount Bruno
PM804 – 806 – 807Terry Fox
PM811Royal Charles
PM820Good Shepherd
PM909 – 915 – 917Good Shepherd et Harold Napper
PM920St. Jude