Objective of the project

As a multicultural country, Canada welcomes numerous new immigrants every year. For many of these children coming from newly immigrated families, they have to go through welcome class in order to learn English and French that are essential for their education and everyday life. However, their parents often have a language barrier that can directly affect the communication with school and teachers, the students academic performance, their integration in the academic environment, as well as their social interactions with other students. Therefore, KOOP would like to establish, through this project, a model of collaboration with primary and secondary schools with students coming from newly immigrated families in order to improve their educational journey.

About KOOP

KOOP Academic Support Center is a small company established by 4 young adults who are coming from immigrant families. Having gone through a very similar environment and situation as these students, we aim to help students of all age who have recently arrived in Québec by offering academic support, like homework support, individual tutoring, online consultation, etc.

In this project specifically, KOOP will offer communication and translation services to parents in need, whether it is for school activities or events, parent-teacher meetings, or some forms that need to be completed. These communication and translating services will be provided by our volunteers, and will therefore be free of charge for parents.

Collaboration Model Proposed

The school will:

  • Inform parents of the services offered by KOOP.
  • Communicate with KOOP in order to establish a list of parents interested.
  • Inform KOOP of recent school activities and events to communicate to parents.

KOOP will:

  • Communicate directly with parents to determine their specific needs.  
  • Offer translation and other related services to the parents.
  • Communicate with school according to parents need and have a follow-up until the case is resolved.

Details and modification to the model of collaboration is subject to further discussion with each school respectively.

English Brochure

French Brochure

Chinese Brochure