Dear Graduates,
Between the geopolitical troubles disrupting your school trips abroad and a pandemic which perturbed the end of high school (and your graduation ceremony!), your stay at Riverside School Board will have been, until the very end, topped with challenges! You have met these challenges with humor, maturity, and resilience. May that great attitude guide you your entire life and remind you that no obstacle can stop you from achieving your goals. We recognize the ingenuity, creativity, and efforts deployed by the staff in your high school in organizing events, which celebrated your success and underlined this milestone in your life.
To our adult students, this school year was yet another obstacle in your long road to success, but once again, you overcame it.
We are joining your teachers, administrators, parents, family, and friends to underscore how proud we all are of your success. Congratulations to our graduates of 2020! May your future meet with your expectations and present you with many other successes.

Dan Lamoureux Sylvain racette
Chairman Director General