• Review the development, implementation and progress of human resources matters related to the Board Strategic Plan and the Code of Conduct;
  • Assist the Commissioners in developing an expertise and experience profile and selection criteria for persons to be appointed by the school board under sections 96.8 (School Prinicipal), 110.5 (Centre Director) and 198 (Director General or Assistant Director General)
  • Participate in planning and priority setting with respect to human resources and make appropriate recommendations to the Council of Commissioners;
  • Recommend to the Council of Commissioners procedures relating to recognition, assistance, and ongoing training of employees;
  • Review employee negotiations at the provincial and local levels and mandate board administrators to take appropriate action;
  • Represent the School Board on the RAA-Management Relations Committee;
  • Represent the School Board on the Calendar Committee;
  • Review and recommend to the Council of Commissioners protocols pertaining to all aspects of labour relations concerning administrative and management personnel that are not covered by the regulations on working conditions for administrators;
  • Review, on an annual basis, with the Director General and the Director of Human Resources, the administrative organization for the following school year;
  • Recommend to the Council of Commissioners, following recommendation by the Director General and the Director of Human Resources, the appointment and transfer of management personnel;
  • Review procedures of evaluation of all personnel.

All items discussed in committee are kept in strictest confidence.

Members 2020-2021

Dan Lamoureux
Carrie Ellen Ronning
Charles Horrell
Anna Capobianco-Skipworth
Henriette Dumont
Margaret Gour
Kevin Ross

Kim Barnes
Melanie Lazure

Jenny Brousseau
Colleen Lauzier
Dave Reddick

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Henriette Dumont
Chair – Human Resources Committee

Kim Barnes
Director of Human Resources – 450-672-4010 Ext. 5250