The Council of Commissioners is the governing body of Riverside School Board. In it are vested all the rights, powers and obligations necessary to direct the affairs of the Board in accordance with the Education Act.

In accordance with Articles 179 to 181 inclusive of the Education Act and for the purpose of making efficient the day to day administration of the Board, certain powers shall be delegated to the Executive Committee. However, all actions of the Executive Committee must be within the existing framework of the law and regulations of the Government of Québec, of collective agreements, orders-in-council and decrees as well as all rules, policies and decisions of the Board as adopted by the Council of Commissioners. Policy establishment and revision remains the prerogative of the Council of Commissioners.


Members The Executive Committee shall be composed of 6 members, including:

five Commissioners appointed by Council, including the

Chairperson of the Council, ex-officio, with voting rights.

The Director General and the Secretary General are present at the meetings but are non-voting.

Election The Council shall appoint the members of the Executive Committee at the first public meeting of Council each August. Notwithstanding, after a Provincial general election of Commissioners, Council will appoint members of the Executive Committee in accordance with the delays prescribed in the Education Act.
Duration Commissioners are elected to the Executive Committee for a one-year term. Any vacancy is to be filled by the Council within 30 days of the creation of the vacancy, and the duration of the appointment will be for the unexpired portion of the mandate of the original member.

Delegation of Rights, Powers and Obligations

Article 1

In accordance with Article 181 of the Education Act, this By Law is designated By Law No. 3 of Riverside School Board and determines the rights, powers and obligations which the Council delegates to the Executive Committee and the conditions of such delegation.

Article 2

Notwithstanding, the Council may recall from the Executive Committee any matter hereby delegated and dispose of it.

Article 3

The Council reserves the right to rescind, revoke or cancel any decision of the Executive Committee.

Article 4

The Council maintains all functions and powers that are not delegated by virtue of this by-law.



Members 2023-2024

Dan Lamoureux (Chair)
Chris Craig
Lesley Llewelyn Cuffling
Kevin Ross
Neela Parsnani
Carrie Ellen Ronning

Lucie Roy
John McLaren

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