Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management

Creating a Safe and Caring School Climate A Blueprint for Stopping Violence and Bullying in Schools

The Blueprint to create a safe and caring school provides administrators and school staff with a guideline to improving their school climate and reducing inappropriate social behaviour, such as bullying.

Topics such as:

    • Improving the school climate (e.g. through building school spirit and school-wide themes)
    • Developing a sense of ownership and belonging (e.g. cross-age or grade buddies, student council, peer tutoring, etc.)
    • Improving the classroom climate (e.g. class meetings, co-operative learning, etc.)
    • Improving student skills in general (e.g. pro-social skills training such as Second Steps, Fluppy, Peace Makers, etc.)
    • Anti-bullying initiatives (e.g. Steps to Respect, Bully Smart Journey, etc.)
    • Dealing with behaviour problems (e.g. School-wide anti-bullying policy, Big Sister/Big Brother, noon-time activity groups, etc.)
    • Teacher knowledge and skills (e.g. knowledge of childrens challenges, workshops to increase skills, etc.)

Workshops to promote the Blueprint will be given upon request.


Eva De Gosztonyi
Educational Services – (450) 672-4010 Ext. 6066
E-mail: edegosztonyi@rsb.qc.ca


NEST is a Cycle 1 Elementary programme for children with average intellectual abilities who are experiencing difficulty with learning and behaviour in the regular classroom and who would benefit from the extra attention of a small group. A teacher and special education technician work with a group of no more than 8 students, under the guidance of a Psychologist and a Social Worker. This is a joint effort of the Riverside School Board and the CLSC Samuel de Champlain.

The goal of the programme is to provide a nurturing environment to promote the development of academic, social and behavioural abilities to enable the student to return to his or her home school as soon as possible.

The NEST programme uses a developmental nurturing approach to help students with learning and behaviour problems. The staff in the programme help students to mature through secure attachments with significant adults. The understanding that all student behaviour is a communication, permits the adults to respond appropriately and gently to student needs. Working from a developmental perspective, students are provided with the structure and support necessary for their academic and behavioural success.

Parents of students in the programme are provided support through the services of a Social Worker, from CLSC Samuel de Champlain, who is assigned to the programme. Daily and weekly communication between the home and school are an essential component of the programme.

NEST is presently housed at Good Shepherd School in Brossard, Québec.


Wendy Maher
Assistant Director of Complementary Services – (450) 672-4010 Ext. 6541
E-mail: wmaher@rsb.qc.ca