Adams Pace provides an inclusive post secondary option for students age 18-21 with pervasive developmental disabilities.

The program is composed of six students, each with an individual education plan and individual schedule. Three days a week, the students are at Champlain College where they audit a course in a discipline which appeals to them: social sciences, physical education, languages, etc. In addition, students strive to improve their functional academics, develop life skills, and learn work skills. The students are not just present at the college; they are part of it, participating in leisure activities, joining clubs, and making friends. Two days a week, the students are on work-study in the community. This years placements have included restaurants, stores, businesses, schools, universities, and seniors residences.

Adams PACE allows young adults with pervasive developmental disabilities the opportunity to attend CEGEP with their peers, and opens doors to a vocational future through classroom learning and community work experiences. The ultimate goal is to prepare each student for the independent pursuit of a successful adult life in all aspects: work, life skills, socialization and community involvement.


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Marina Bresba
Coordinator and Teacher, PACE