To review, consider and make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners on all aspects of curriculum, student evaluation and promotion, pertaining to students registered in pre-school, elementary, secondary, adult general education as well as vocational training.

This would include:

  • Issues specifically referred by Council;
  • Changes and innovations brought to it by the Administration;
  • New programs and/or legislation proposed by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports that may affect the curriculum and/or pedagogy and implementation in the classroom;
  • Development and implementation of educational matters related to the Board Strategic Plan;
  • Local programs made available to students in Riverside School Board and their implementation;
  • Programs and support services for students with special needs;
  • Professional development provided to teaching staff, administrators and support staff;
  • Pedagogical materials made available or required by schools;
  • Adult programs offered by the School Board to ensure that they are appropriate; and
  • Introduction of additional programs / options to meet the needs of the community.

Members 2018-2019

Dan Lamoureux

Lesley LIewelyn Cuffling
Dawn Smith
Christopher Craig
Deena Butler

Theresa Aguiar (commissaire parent)

Contact Us

Dawn Smith
Chair – Education Committee


Jessica Saada
Acting Director of Educational Services and Schools – (450) 672-4010 Ext. 6080