Introduction to Riverside School Board 

Located immediately South east of Montreal in the Montérégie region, Riverside School Board is home to over 9, 500 students registered in elementary, secondary and adult career education programs.

We operate 19 elementary, secondary, adult and career center serving the residents of over 98 municipalities.  Our territory of more than 7, 500 square kilometers extends from Sorel in the North, along the St. Lawrence River to Sainte-Catherine in the West, south to the United States border and several kilometers east of the Richelieu River. 

Riverside places a great deal of emphasis on our students” success and their achievements.  We take pride in the fact that Riverside consistently places among the top five and has one of the lowest  dropout rates in the 72 public school boards in Québec, both English and French.  The outstanding achievement says much about our school board.  Our long history of innovation in education, our focus on bilingualism, the quality
of our teachers, all combine to make Riverside a different school board where learning is an enriching lifetime experience. 

Much of our strength is drawn from the professionalism and dedication of our staff members as well as from parents involvement.  We continue to actively support classroom teachers in meeting the challenges of a dynamic curriculum  as well as an integrated program for students with handicaps and/or learning difficulties. Through a culture of volunteerism where staff gives generously of their personal time, we are able to provide a wide variety of complementary activities that add significant value to students’ learning experience.        

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