The Advisory Committee for Services to Students with Special Needs (EHDAA) is a committee with the following representation:

  • 7 parents of students with special needs in Riverside Schools – three from elementary school, three from secondary school, one from REACH.
  • 2 teacher representatives
  • 1 administrator representative
  • 1 non-teaching professional representative
  • 1 support staff representative
  • 1 community representative
  • The Director of Complementary Services, representing the Director General (non-voting member)

The mandate of the committee, as defined in Article 185 of the Education Act, is to advise the school board on:

  • a policy for the organization of educational services to students with handicaps and social maladjustments or learning disabilities
  • the allocation of financial resources to the services intended for those students
  • the implementation of an individualized education plan for a student with special needs

In addition, the Advisory Committee provides information on resources within the Riverside community, and information sessions to parents on research and strategies to help them support their children with special needs.

The Advisory Committee meets regularly on the third Monday of the month, beginning with a General Assembly and annual elections in October of each school year. Observers are welcome to participate in the meetings and to network with committee members.

Members 2022-2023

Valérie Bergeron
Wendy Maher
Sara Matos-Chahal
Sarah Scrigmeour-Babin
Tamarah Banks
Steven Le Sueur

Contact Us

Valérie Bergeron
Director of Complementary Services
Tel.: 450-672-4010 Ext. 5446

Chantal Charlebois
Executive Secretary
Tel.: 450-672-4010 Ext. 6464