Centennial Regional High School



880 Hudson,

Greenfield Park, Qc J4V 1H1

Telephone : (450) 656-6100

Fax :(450) 656-7621






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Principal : Mrs. Sherry-Lynne Tite

Vice Principal(s) : Mr. Steven Caroll, Mrs. daphne Mullins, Mrs. Valerie Forde and A. Nardozza (Interim VP).

Secretary : Mrs. Lise Lavoie

General Information

School hours : 9:30 a.m. – 3:55 p.m.

Current enrollment : 1607

Philosophy / Mission / Objectives

The Educational Project of Centennial Regional High School promotes the active participation of all partners in the development of our students’ skills, confidence and ethic to contribute in a meaningful and diversified manner to present and future society. To this end, we provide the opportunities, challenges and assistance required to support the personal, social and academic growth of our students.

We strive to give every member of our school community a sense of belonging, accomplishment and of school and personal pride. It is our intent that everyone who comes through our doors feels that: “I am Centennial; Centennial is me.”

We value :

  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Development of the Well-rounded Student
  • Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Personalization of the Student’s Educational Experience
  • Inclusion of All Members of the School Community
  • Preparation for Life Beyond High School
  • Innovation and Responsiveness in Our Pedagogy
  • Respect
  • Partnership

Academic Programs

- Middle School Program
- Talented and Gifted Program
- French Mother Tongue/Post-Immersion
Concentrations in:
- Creative and Performing Arts
- Business and Career Education
- Personal Development
- Languages
- Literature and Literary Production
- Mathematics and Science and Technology
- Sports, Fitness and Recreation


Support Services

Services are available for students all grade levels :
- Centennial Inclusion Aides
- Core Teacher Concept (Middle School)
- Pavillon Foster
- Department of Guidance and Counselling
- Hand-timetabling (Middle School)
- Health Services
- In-Class Resource Support
- "Looping" (Middle School)s
- Monday Mentors Program
- Orientation Day (Incoming Sec. I Students)
- Peer Counselling
- Peer Tutorials
- Planning Room
- Project L.O.V.E. (Leave out ViolencE)
- Resource Room
- S.O.S. (Stay Overtime at School) Study Hall
- Special Counsellors (social/emotional support)
- Student Support Centre
- Summer Camp (Incoming Sec. I Students)
- Teacher Tutorials
- Y.I.E.L.D. Program


School Life Activities

- Strong Student Leadership program.
- Extensive co-curricular program offering outstanding opportunities in athletics (over 50 teams/year) and the Creative and Performing Arts (In Living Colour Multicultural troupe, Follies, Big Show, Dance Show, Junior Play, Senior Play), as well as several clubs and special activities. Project L.O.V.E., The Flat and countless student-initiated projects round out the options available to the student body.


Additional Information

Caractéristique d'établissement / Caractéristique spéciales

- Award-winning Library.
- 9 Science and Technology labs and workshops.
- newly renovated Cafeteria.
- Creative and Performing Arts Wing.
- 4 Gymnasia (did you mean Gymnasium?).
- Pallestre.
- Fitness Centre.


Parental Participation

Governing Board Chair :  

Parents’ Committee Representative : Mr. T. Neal

Email : tnt300@sympatico.ca

PPO Chair : Mr. D. Dezan

Email : ddezan@videotron.ca

Fondation : South Shore Foundation.

Library Service : Ms. Judith Campbell

Email : judith.campbell@rsb.qc.ca

Mrs. M. Frey

Email : martha.frey@rsb.qc.ca


District Commissioner(s)

Henriette Dumont

Margaret Gour

Debbie Horrocks

Dan Lamoureaux

Nina Nichols

Susan Rasmussen

Gustavo Sastre