To respond to the expressed needs of our community, please find below a link to a document providing a portrait of student absences as declared by parents or guardians (youth sector) or as self-declared (adult and vocational sector).  

As of May 24, 2022, this document will be updated once a week, on Wednesday to provide a portrait of the absences for the preceding Tuesday. The information is organized by school or center.  For the youth sector, it is also detailed by grade level.

The first column provides the total number of students registered at the school (youth sector only).

The second set of columns (green) refers to the total student absences for the given day.

The third set of columns (yellow) refers to students absent without a positive test but isolated either because they had COVID-related symptoms or because they were in contact with asymptomatic or positive other.  

The fourth set of columns (blue) refers to the number of students who were absent having tested positive for COVID-19.

Please click on the image/document below to see the data for all schools.

Should you be exhibiting COVID-related symptoms please do not come into our Centres or Schools and follow Public Health guidelines.