Greetings members of the St. Lawrence School Community,

Did you know that St. Lawrence will be a pilot school with the city of Candiac for residual waste (i.e. compost) pick-up this spring?

Yes, we will be receiving those brown bins too. However, implementing such an initiative at a school level requires careful consideration of all stakes at hand. It gave us the incentive to launch a Sustainability Committee committed to developing good citizenship qualities in our students. The committee’s vision is to implement small actions over time with the cooperation of all stakeholders. In other words, we value your opinion! As such, dear parents and members of the community, you are cordially invited to our Community Forum Event on March 31st at St Lawrence School in the Champlain cafeteria at 7:00 pm. Please take the time to read the flyer attached. We hope to see you in great numbers.

Valérie Bergeron and Sandra Fréchette