Mr. Enzo Di Ioia 
Student Ombudsman

The position of Student Ombudsman is provided for in section 220.2 of the Education Act. He is appointed after consultation with the Parents’ Committee and on the recommendation of the Governance and Ethics Committee.

The Ombudsman handles complaints which have been referred to him by the Secretary General and only after the complainant has exhausted the other remedies provided for in the Examination of Complaints By-Law.  (Article 6.1 of By-Law 14).  However, the Student Ombudsman may take up the complaint at any stage of the complaint procedure if he considers that the intervention is necessary to prevent harm from being done (Article 6.4 of By-Law 14  ).

Within thirty (30) days of receiving the complaint, the Ombudsman must give the Executive Committee its opinion on the merits of the complaint and, if necessary, propose the corrective measures he deems appropriate. Within (10) days of receiving the decision of the Ombudsman, the Executive Council shall adopt a resolution accepting or refusing, in whole or in part, the recommendation of the Ombudsman. The Secretary General shall send the decision, within two (2) days of the adoption of the resolution.

Mr. Enzo Di Ioia
Student Ombusdman
Tel.: 450-672-4010 Ext. 6500

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Student Ombudsman
c/o Riverside School Board
7525 Chemin Chambly
Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 0N7

Due to the confidential, neutral, independent and informal nature of the Office of the Student Ombudsman, communications with the Ombudsman does not constitute notice to the Board. Mail addressed to the Student Ombudsman will not be opened and will be directed immediately to the Student Ombudsman.