April 20 – New this week on www.rsbbrainboost.ca:

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Thank you for the many visits, and stay tuned for more!  

Thank you for the many visits, and stay tuned for more!  Your Educational Services Team


Dear Riverside Families –  We are aware of the challenges posed by the health emergency that has forced schools and many other establishments to close and has demanded from us all that we find new ways of interacting, working or simply spending our days.  Some parents are trying to continue schooling at home. We wish to highlight that this is not at all required of you.  Other parents have to work from home while their children are beside them, waiting to be pleasantly occupied.  This can also be quite daunting.  To our Riverside families, to the parents, as well as to all of our students, whether in elementary or high school, we have some challenges, ideas, and resources to suggest.   Please know that our Educational Services Team is thinking of you and wishes to reach out to you through our specially designed BRAIN BOOST website (www.rsbbrainboost.ca)  that will regularly be updated just for you.  We invite you to take a look, to click on all links and hyperlinks, to explore the various tabs and subsections, keeping in mind that nothing is imposed; everything is proposed. Happy thinking!