REACH Queen school received a nice visit this morning! Indeed, the mayor of Saint-Lambert, Pascale Mongrain, visited the school as part of the “Mon arbre à moi” project of the city of Saint-Lambert.

A tree (about two years old) was given to each student! Students and their parents will be able to plant the tree at their home and thus, they will have the pleasure of seeing it grow with them.

Planting a tree is a concrete action for the environment. This gesture has many benefits, including beautifying its living environment, improving the ambient air, softening the climate, and contributing to the maintenance of ecological balance.

A big thank you to Madame Mongrain for her visit and for taking the time to talk with the students! To thank her, the students had made a beautiful card for her in addition to giving her a big hug!

Thank you also to the representatives of the city of Saint-Lambert who distributed the trees. Another distribution will take place next week at REACH Green School.

Pictured are members of the REACH Queen team, including School Principal, Marie-Helen Goyetche, and Assistant School Principal, Nasiera Guermache.