If you paid elementary Noon Hour Supervision fees in 2022, your income tax receipts are available in Mozaik.  Click on Financeshttps://portailparents.ca/accueil/en/

If you paid Daycare fees in 2022, the income tax receipts are also available on Financeshttps://portailparents.ca/accueil/en/.  

Please note the receipts will be on the portal of the parent who was the “payer”.

For 2020 and 2021, those will be mailed to you. 

If you have questions regarding the school fees, please communicate with Ms. Brenda or Ms. Elizabeth at 450-676-2651 or brenda.mckelvie@rsb.qc.ca or elizabeth.celere@rsb.qc.ca    

If you have questions regarding the Daycare fees, please communicate with Connie Fernandes at 450-676-7977 or 37Daycare@rsb.qc.ca