Unique and original end-of-year celebrations are planned to end this very special school year.

The graduates of our schools will experience their graduation in a very different way this year due to health constraints. In fact, Riverside School Board schools have organized great activities to allow students to officially celebrate this major milestone in their life. The ceremonies will be held within the school calendar to guarantee the participation of all. On the menu: several graduation ceremonies per school (class-bubbles), but also mocktails and hors d’oeuvres, some schools will have a DJ, others will offer souvenirs and a hot meal with a food-truck, or a photo booth to keep beautiful memories of their day and their friends.

The impossibility to organize proms before the end of the school year (the Government of Québec allowed proms only from July 8th forced school leaders to be creative in their way of organizing their activities.

We warmly thank the administrators and school staff for organizing these ceremonies for the students so quickly!

June 14, 2021

Graduation ceremonies may now be held inside or outside the schools, during or after school hours (including in the evenings or on weekends), where a maximum of 250 people can gather to celebrate (students, staff & parents).  No mask necessary if sitting down AND with family-bubble. Cocktails (without alcohol) are permitted in class-bubble (no parents) and pictures are authorized in class-bubble. Students will also have the opportunity to sign their yearbook (no sharing of pens).

Some of our schools have already booked time slots and sent invitations, however, some modifications may be necessary as parents are now invited to join the ceremonies. As every school is different, your child’s school will send you detailed information regarding the graduation ceremonies and end-of-year celebrations.

While we would like to be able to organize festive events for our year-end celebrations and graduation ceremonies, as usual, the current sanitary crisis is preventing us from doing so.

Of course, our schools and centres will organize events for students. However, the Public Health Guidelines will have to be observed. We understand that parents, students, and their friends may be very disappointed that they cannot celebrate with family and community. This past school year was very difficult and filled with unforeseen events, the students worked very hard and have abided by the numerous rules, the parents have been very patient and accommodating.  However, and for everyone’s health and safety, we will have to make compromises in regards to the end-of-year organization of activities as well in the planning of ceremonies for our graduates.

Thank you.

Click here to read the letter from the Government of Québec.