Your child will be invited to the school library to borrow books and sometimes hear stories.

K4, K5 & grade 1: once a week

Grades 2-6: every two weeks

Students are allowed to borrow 1 book (Pre-K, K & grade 1) and 2 books (grades 2-6) that they may bring home. The library books must be returned to school every week/every 2 weeks (depending on the class’s library schedule). If your child wants to keep the book(s) longer, they must bring the book(s) back and we will renew the loan. All children are encouraged to borrow books in both French and English.

Ms. Mustillo
Ms. Lalonde
Ms. Soppit
Ms. Lavallee
Ms. Hans
Ms. Flanagan
Ms. Brais  
Ms. Forest-Bilodeau
Ms. Beaubien
Ms. Johnston
Ms. Devine
Ms. Godbout
Ms. Chew
Ms. Moshonas      
Ms. Biagetti
Ms. Lorent
Mr. Desjardins
Mme. Roy
Ms. Hicks
Mr. Sirois
Ms. Hopewell-Okwe
Ms. Ritchie
Ms. McClay
Ms. Plitnikas  
Ms. Matiz
Ms. Carignan

If a book is accidentally damaged, please never try to fix it at home. Return it as soon as possible to the library. If the book cannot be mended or is lost, it must be paid for. Please ensure your child keeps library books in good condition while in their possession (i.e. away from food, beverages, pets, etc.).

If you have questions, please communicate with Teresa Regan, our Documentation Technician: