A parent’s principal reason for requesting a derogation is to allow a child early admission to Kindergarten or Grade 1 even though the child is born after the September 30th deadline of the current school year.  Derogations are not normally considered for children born after December 31st.  The deadline for submitting a derogation request to Riverside School Board is May 1st when applying for the upcoming school year.  The request is made at the school and parents must provide the following basic documents (note that others may be required):

  • A certified true copy of the child’s long form certificate bearing the names of the parents;
  • A letter from the parents addressed to the Director General outlining the reasons for their requests; and
  • A psychological evaluation.

How to obtain a long-form birth certificate

The Ministry of Education requires a certified true copy of the original long-form birth certificate (bearing the parent’s names) of every child requesting a certificate of eligibility.  You must show the original birth certificate to the person registering your child in our School Board and requesting eligibility, and they will make certified true copies to send to the Ministry.

Below are the links to apply for a long-form birth certificate from: