The first day of school for elementary and secondary students is September 1, 2020 (except for Greenfield Park Primary International on August 31st and some Kindergarten classes who will have a progressive entry).

New Info! August 12, 2020
At a press conference held in Montréal on August 10th, the Minister of Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, announced the government’s “Return-to-School” plan.  He was accompanied by Minister Christian Dubé and Dr. Horacio Arruda.

Here are some highlights:

Minister Dubé began by saying the following:

  • The Return-to-School plan has been updated to reflect the ever-evolving situation and additional knowledge related to the pandemic;
  • The INSPQ and Santé Publique websites will be updated later on today.
  • Good news:
    • For the first time, there are fewer than 100 new cases in any given day;
    • There is an increase in the number of tests being conducted.
  • Not such good news:
    • There are still long delays before getting test results;
    • The government is preparing for a second wave of the pandemic.

Minister Roberge continued with adjustments made to the June 2020 “Return-to-School” plan:

  • Minister Roberge first extended his appreciation to his partners (DGs, administrators, teachers, professionals, support staff, parents)
  • We are living in an exceptional situation:
    • Priority is for successful school entry;
    • It is crucial to reopen schools;
    • Students must be allowed to attend school to fully develop as well as socialize;
    • It is important to conciliate safety and schooling.
  •  Amendments made to the Return-to-School plan announced in June are:


  • Mandatory for students as of Cycle 3 (aged 10 and over);
  • Mandatory for all adults;
  • Face coverings to be worn in all common areas (i.e. hallways, staircases…), but not in the classroom;
  • There is NO interdiction to wear a “face covering” in a classroom should someone want to;
  • For preschool: the same PPE equipment remains enforced;
  • Visitors must wear a “face covering” when entering a school;
  • School boards will provide face coverings and PPE (when needed) to their employees;
  • Parents will supply their children with their own face coverings.


  • Class groups must be stable to minimize risks;
  • There will NO LONGER be sub-groups within a class;
  • The bubble is now the entire class;
  • In general, the class will stay and move together;
  • Within a class, there is no need to wear a face-covering and to respect distancing rules.
  • Safety measures previously implemented that remain unchanged:
    • Separate entry and exit;
    • Various recess periods;
    • Hand washing procedures;
    • Use of “Purell” like products.
  • The Minister informed parents that, in some cases, should a child or a relative living at home be medically vulnerable to COVID-19, the child will be allowed to receive distance education.


  • The Minister explained that communications will be sent in French and in English to parents, via the school;
  • Parents will be kept informed if a case is declared positive within a class, or school.
  • The “self-care” guide will be updated and sent via the school;
  • In the event of a class or school closure:
    • Within 24 hours, students will receive distance learning.
  • The Minister mentioned a principle of “quality-equity” of services in case of distance learning.

All information related to the “Return-to-School” plan can be found on the following link:

Finally, Dr. Arruda reminded everyone that the virus is still active and there may be a  second wave of the pandemic.  All must continue to respect and follow the health and safety guidelines.  Furthermore, as of August 10th, children aged 10 and over will also be obligated to wear a “face covering” when using public transport or in public spaces.

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